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Sarbjeet’s Profile: (to be updated)

A thought leader in “Information Technology” area with more than 18 years of experience in enterprise IT, SOA, Datacenter Rationalization, Cloud Computing, development/deployment/management of software systems, systems architecture and services delivery with international exposure (establishing & enhancing technology & services proliferation  in new markets globally).

Have traveled to 18 countries and provided services globally (North America, EU, South America & Asia) while working in USA for last 18 years.

Currently member of Rackspace Advisory Services team. Responsible for creating/launching new services related to datacenter streamlining, optimization and cloud adoption. Key activities include defining new processes and developing/selecting new tools for datacenter related services delivery.

At VMware/EMC: responsible for delivering data center/private cloud applications discovery and management solutions through datacenter blueprinting/audits to more than 80 fortune 500 clients (2006-2011). Key technologist behind Application Discovery Manager (ADM) at VMware.  Key member of Storage Configuration Advisor product advisory team at EMC. Experience with VMware datacenter management tools & integration with CMDBs (BMC Atrium/IBM Tivoli)

More than 12 years of experience in coding/architecting and managing big software development solutions, working with product management, strategy and clients in the field.  Extensive “hands on” and “project management” experience on latest technologies like SOA, ESB, ETL & CMDB.

Extensive software development experience in e-business (Commerce One), ERP (PeopleSoft-Oracle), banking, finance (VISA) retail (McDonald’s), IT (EMC/VMware) and other industries.

Extensive experience in leading the projects of bigger magnitude (leading teams from various consulting firms).  Experience in build vs. buy situations.  .

Keen interest in “human side of technology world” i.e. simplicity and usability of software solutions.

Areas of Expertise

Enterprise Cloud Strategy, Software Development, VMware, IT compliance, B2B e-Commerce, SOA, ITIL, CMDB, ERP (Oracle and PeopleSoft), Datacenter Audits, P2V, Cloud Assessments, IT Change Control, IT Compliance, IT Security, Datacenter Discovery/Management/Automation.
Program Management, Project Management, Client Management, Partner Management, Alliances and People Management
Datacenter Mgt. & Automation, ITIL 3.0, B2B e-Commerce, Retail, CRM, Contracts, Financials/Projects/Contracts, IT Mgt.

Sarbjeet’s Employers

Sarbjeet Johal currently works as a Sr. Technology Strategist – Enterprise Cloud at Rackspace Hosting. Sarbjeet’s past employers are: VMware, EMC, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Commerce One, VISA and AT&T GIS (now called NCR Corporation). While working with these employers, I have worked with 100s of enterprises throughout the world to provide IT solutions.


The views, spelling and opinions expressed on this blog are my own. They may or may not represent the views and opinions of my current or pervious employers or any other organization or individual. Any information that I represent as a fact are believed by me to be true. I do not however make any legal claim to this.


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