What IT skills will be in high demand in Cloud Era?

Forthcoming era of Cloud Computing will cause shakeup in IT roles like no other IT technology shift has done in last 20 years. These changes range from introduction of new roles/titles to changing how existing roles play a role in delivery of IT. Following are some of the skill-sets that will be in high demand in coming few years (in IaaS, PaaS and SaaS context):

  • SOA Educators/Architects/Services Delivery Personnel.
  • Horizontal Scaling of applications (Software Architects)
  • Big Data Analytics (Data Architects)
  • Legacy Systems Integrations, marriage of legacy IT infrastructure management  alongside new cloud infrastructure (Software/Systems/Solutions Architects)
  • Dev-Ops (Software Architects)
  • Vendor Management (Business Management)
  • Security and Compliance (Systems/Solutions Architects)

If you examine from other side of the coin; it’s more interesting to observe the roles cloud will first diminish and then eliminate in long run. Top two in this category include, ‘Systems Administrators’ and ‘Data Center Specialists’.

This shift is going to be gradual in nature. People will get time to react to this change. Resisting this change can be disastrous for IT professionals.

What do you think?